Cornwall Cullet Waste Glass Collection Services

Cornwall Cullet
Waste Glass Collection Services
Recycling saves resources and enrgy
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What happens once the glass is collected?
A Cornwall Cullet van in Berryman colours.
After emptying the bottle banks, the glass is then held in our yard in storage bays. The glass goes straight back to Yorkshire to the botle makers as it is all colour sorted by the public
What happens to the mixed glass and cans?
The glass and cans are stored ready for the sorting process
A percentage of one of our collections

Our purpose built picking plant

The glass is fed into our purpose built picking plant. This is where we remove the bags and packaging that are often included with the bottles and cans we collect. Nearly all of Cornwall's Kerbside schemes come to us and go through the sorting plant to take out other materials.

The bottles and cans are brought into the machine via a conveyoer belt.
The glass coming in along our conveyor belt
John in action, sorting the other materials out of the glass
This is the part where the carrier bags and various other bits that get included are taken away from the glass.
This leaves us with glass this is now ready for recycling
A mountain of glass, ready for recycling

Some facts regarding us and the recycling industry.

  • Most of the glass from the picking plant is sent to Dean Quarry at St Keverne for use in the base coat of Tarmac as it is mixed colours.
  • Window glass is used in White line paint, Cats Eyes, Test Tubes and Glass Blasting.
  • Last year, Britain recycled 927,000 tonnes of glass.
    This equates to a recycling rate of less than 30%
    The average European rate is over 50%
  • By December 2006 we need to reach 60% to meet the EU Packaging Directive
    Most LA’s need to increase their glass recycling threefold to reach UK Government targets
  • Total number of bottle bank sites in the UK - 22,772
  • Glass as a percentage of average household dustbin is 8-10%
  • Current ratio of bottle bank sites per head of population is 1:2640
    The European equivalent is 1:1250