Cornwall Cullet Waste Glass Collection Services

Cornwall Cullet
Waste Glass Collection Services
Recycling saves resources and enrgy
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The Great Cornish Coastline

A Brief History

Cornwall Cullet was started in 1995 by John Lee, who at the time was in the double glazing industry and with the problem of getting rid of the waste glass (cullet).
After reading an article in a trade magazine, he noticed that an advert from a waste glass recycling firm looking for people to supply them. After a few phone calls, he One of our lorries in the Berryman colours.decided that he would start collecting and offering other companies in the same trade a service for recycling window glass.

After a short time, people were enquiring if we could collect bottles and jars. So with another phone call, that was the next step. Now the bottle side has overtaken the window glass side and we now provide our services to local authorities, industry, general public, pubs, restaurants and waste contractors in Cornwall.